Donelaitis Society

Donelaitis Society is a nationwide Finnish-Lithuanian Friendship Association, which is open to anyone interested in Lithuania. The Society organizes events related to Lithuania, publishes Liettua magazine, maintains and develops the Lithuanian section of the Baltic Library and is active in other various related networks.

The Society currently has about 300 members with close working links to the local friendship societies of Donelaitis Society of Joensuu region, Donelaitis Society of Turku region and Lithuania Society of Tampere, who act as local independent sub sects of Donelaitis Society.

Donelaitis Society was founded in 1990 to promote cultural cooperation between Finland and Lithuanian and promote the Lithuanian language and culture in Finland. It is named after the Lithuanian national poet Kristijonas Donelaitis, (1714-1780), whose writings are regarded as representing the spirit of the nation.

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